The questions that guide my work are connected with research on the “origin“. The ancients found the genesis of mythology and religion looking towards nature. I’m trying to understand the vital process of life, decay, death and rebirth using a poietic attitude through digital mediums.

Since we are in a moment of transition between old values and the need for new ones, I’m asking myself: how can we rebuild a society from the ruins? Will we live in a world in which nature, science and technologies will finally melt together? How can human beings relate with nature without exploiting it?

These problems came out directly from the work while I was using a scanner with a photographic approach; I was trying to make close contact with the organic subject which is not possible with a camera lens.

Plants and animals are part of a narrative that create imaginary worlds, they are immolated as vestigial structures, symbols of a powerful inner connection between humans, technologic and organic forms. The textures are reminders of human skin. The metamorphosis of the materials is related to the deathly inevitable destiny of our body.


If the photo looks to the paint, where does the paint turn its gaze?

Stolen from the light / Imaginary landscapes

Stolen from the light / Vanitas

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