Stolen from the light I Vanitas

Stolen from the light is a series that has as subject scanned objects; the process consist in using a digital medium in order to transform concrete elements into abstract images. This images are shaped by the medium that decides what is on focus and what is blurred. The prints made out from this process are hybrid, with both analog and digital properties.The result can be seen as a rereading of the theme of Vanitas used by ancient painters.

This project reflects also about our way of reading images and connect them to our personal experience.


Vanitas – all the scans

Stolen from the light art book


Vanitas (17), digital print on mat paper, 110×110 cm, Installation view, 2019
Vanitas (73), Vanitas (74)
Digital print on semi pearl paper, 100×137 cm each
Vanitas (52), digital print on mat paper, 40×40 cm, 2019